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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Three Steps for a Happy Day

Step one: Get your favourite drink.

Step Two: Find a comfy chair.

Step Three: Wet your whistle, sit back and enjoy...

Bush job approval falls to 29 pct in new poll

Uncool and unusual punishment

Mullett a bully: secret report
By Nick McKenzie and Michael Bachelard - May 13, 2006

A new program to humiliate school bullies with bad haircuts?

Sadly, no...
POLICE union boss Paul Mullett has been accused of bullying and harassing colleagues in a damning confidential report that reveals deep divisions within Victoria's most powerful union.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Miners are free!!

ABC: Russell, Webb walk from gold mine

Great news! After fourteen nights being trapped in the Tasmanian mine, the miners have been rescued and about half an hour ago began the drive to hospital. Though watching them walk from the mine shaft they appeared to be in excellent shape considering what they have been through.

Though I had to roll my eyes at the people being interviewed on TV thanking god for this. Yeah, 'cause you know, those guys who worked for hours upon hours to free the miners didn't really do anything. It was all down to a special ghost, you see.