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Friday, March 17, 2006

Condi’s Comedy Tour Continues

The Age: Hello sailors: Rice hails democracy, even protests
By Brendan Nicholson - March 17, 2006

Dr Rice answered students' questions for almost an hour on issues ranging from levels of US aid to the war in Iraq and the injustices of Guantanamo Bay.

Then came chants from two protesters who had infiltrated the gathering to shout "Condoleezza Rice, you are a war criminal" and "You've blood on your hands. You cannot wash off that blood".

As the two were led out by security guards, Dr Rice responded: "I'm very pleased to see that democracy is alive and well at the university. And I hope it will also be alive at the University of Kabul and the University of Baghdad."
Now that’s some cutting edge satire from Condi. But just how fresh is Condi’s material? During one of Bush’s World Comedy Tours in 2003, ironically also in Australia, he quipped, “I love free speech!” … as two dissenting politicians were thrown out of the building for, um, speaking freely.


At 8:37 AM, Blogger Christopher said...


Have you seen the pics on the web going around of Condi eating the hot dog?

I'll send them to you if you haven't -- the woman is an idiot!

Christopher, formerly Connect Left

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