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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Two ridiculous things:

Guantanamo actors held at airport
The actors who star in movie The Road to Guantanamo were questioned by police at Luton airport under anti-terrorism legislation, it has emerged.

On the subject of Michael Winterbottom, check this: The Road to Guantanamo, 9 Songs, Code 46, In This World, 24 Hour Party People, Welcome to Sarajevo. I love his diversity! This new film should be ace.

US 'reclassifying' public files
US intelligence agencies have been removing thousands of historical documents from public access, the New York Times has reported.


Under existing guidelines, government documents are supposed to be declassified after 25 years unless there is a particular reason to keep them secret.

But some historians argued that the reclassification program is removing material that can do no conceivable harm to national security, the New York Times said.

Mr Aid mentioned among the "innocuous" files removed a 1948 memorandum on a CIA scheme to float balloons over countries behind the Iron Curtain to drop propaganda leaflets.


At 3:39 PM, Blogger Christopher said...

This is totally outrageous.


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