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Sunday, February 12, 2006

I really hate to nag, I know...

… but it’s pronounced NA-GA-NO. Please, Channel Seven, get it right. Anyway, the Torino Winter Olympics got underway last night. Here are my thoughts on the opening ceremony.

COOLEST THING THAT HAPPENED: 70s and 80s pop songs accompanying the arrival of the athletes. What is usually the most boring element of opening ceremonies actually turned out to be a groovy disco inferno. Freak out indeed!

COOLEST THING THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN: The Formula 1 car should have done donuts in the shape of the Olympic rings.


WORST TEAM OUTFIT: Sweden. The Swedish fashion designers must have had some serious bullying at school from athletes, because their outfits were just plain cruel.

YAWN MOMENT: Waiting for the Italian team to walk around the stadium. By the time they sat down the speakers were playing music from the 90s.

HUH?! MOMENT: Yoko Ono’s speech. She was high, yes? I kept waiting for her to introduce the unicorn that was standing next to her. She reminded me of a certain cartoon character…

"I bring you peace."

ENDEARINGLY TWEE MOMENT: North and South Korea marching as one.

WHAT THE FUCK MOMENT: The women running all over the place with huge eggs on their heads. Seriously, not even David Lynch got that.


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