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Monday, February 13, 2006

I Heart Mick Jagger and Harrison Ford

Super awesomeness: Finally, a celebrity being completely and refreshingly honest. As you would probably know, The Rolling Stones performed at last week’s NFL Super Bowl XL (I think XL stands for extra-large, being an American sport after all). Before they took to the stage a pre-recorded interview was shown. The interviewer asked Jagger if playing at the Super Bowl had been a long time dream for him, because you know, it’s watched by 70 billion people. Jagger replied: “Not really.” (Followed by laughter) What a gem! What joy!

Yes, the Super Bowl is a huge event in America, most likely the biggest annual sporting event there, but the rest of the world doesn’t give a damn about it. Please understand that just because something is popular in America doesn’t automatically mean that the rest of the world are fanatical supporters of the San Francisco Buccaneers or the New York Dolphins or whatever.

It is worth pointing out that the 2004 Super Bowl had a global TV audience of 93 million. It is also worth pointing out that of those 93 million people, 98% were watching from North America.

Harrison Ford also won my respect for his hilarious appearance on The Daily Show. I had never been fond of Mr. Ford, as he came across to me as being cold and distant and really quite apathetic. So it was a joy to see him in a completely different light. Go Harrison! You can watch the interview here.


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