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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Getting drunk with your vacuum cleaner? Now that sucks.

Well, come on now, this blog doesn’t have enough crappy puns, and what’s a blog without puns? (Answer: a pretty good one, by the sounds of it).

Anyway, last week my mother purchased a new vacuum and I was taken by some creepy pictures on the box. Was that a vacuum cleaning in a baby pram?! An alcoholic beverage sitting beside a… vacuum?! WTF??!?!
Yes, well, I guess those modern marketing types can’t handle selling the intended function (whatever happened to advertising like: Electrolux - It Sucks?), oh no, they need to make inanimate things into quasi-friends. Really, what is the point of pretending that a vacuum is a baby? (Unless you’re one of those teh godless ghey couples who can’t have children because God hates you and will make you suffer for eternity. God bless! Have a nice day! Jesus loves all!).

Okay, I get the fact that it’s called My Buddi - Fun Vac, but my “drinking buddi” is really pushing it.


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