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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Brokeback Mountain exposed as anti-cow

It seems like the talking points memo for conservatives outraged by this film forces them mention (at least once) the Marlboro man being raped. I guess they feel that a love story about two people, who just happen to be cowboys, is destroying the image of the ‘Great American Cowboy’. But what cigarette advertising (featuring, what I only suspect as fake cowboys) has to do with a beautiful love story is beyond me.

Oh, wait, I get it now! See, the movie is only a piece of Hollywood propaganda to recruit susceptible hetros to the evil gay ‘Lifestyle’.

The film is based on a short story by the excellent E. Anne Proulx. Last year I watched a BBC documentary about her life, and remember her mentioning that she had children (now adult age), and having at least one husband, though at the time of the doco she lived alone. So the writer of the original story is a heterosexual with children.

Now on to the director of the film adaptation, Ang Lee. He has been married to Jane Lin for over twenty years and has fathered two children.

Well, what about the main actors?

Heath Ledger is currently involved with girlfriend Michelle. They have a daughter. While Jake Gyllenhaal used to date Kirsten Dunst.

Randy Quaid has been married twice (both times to a woman) and has one child. And Anne Hathaway was/is going out with Raffaello Follieri (there was internet debate over this, though).

So, here we have it:
A heterosexual writer with children, a heterosexual director with kids, two male leads, one that has dated females and the other who is with a female partner and a child, a supporting actor who is married to a woman, and an actress who is, by all accounts, heterosexual.

Wow! What a gay military group that is!!

Oh, and the funniest criticism of the film? We’d have to turn to Free Republic for that:

The ads for this trash are deceptive. Calling these contemporary fruitcakes "cowboys" is an insult to men, cows and movies.
9 posted on 12/20/2005 10:40:49 AM PST by Dr. Eckleburg (Semper eo pro iocus.)


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