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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Goodbye ‘05

Hope you had an enjoyable festive period. Here’s to a great 2006.

The nightly news has been filled with snow-related stories, and even with the sliding car thing I’d love to be there, especially today. Eek! I have a friend in Maine, where today it will be 35f (that’s about 2c). Here it will be 108f. You can watch a real time graph of Melbourne’s weather here. It really is quite addictive.

If you haven’t visited Sadly, No! then that should be your resolution for the new year. Though you don’t have to wait until Sunday, go there now! Really, it’s the best site on the whole internets.

Have a safe new year, what ever you do. Me, I'll be at home monitoring which TV networks change their graphic package (Please let it be Nine). Oh, I'm such a TV geek. See you next year!


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