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Friday, December 09, 2005

Americans are Dumb R.I.P.

I just found out today that the excellent blog, Americans are Dumb, is no longer. The continual dumbanity (yes, I created a word) took its toll on Lt. Dan, and I can’t really say I’m surprised. In theory it’s great, but when you think about searching the internet for dumb things dumb Americans have done (which would take all of a minute) and do it every day, month after month, then I’m just glad he’s still alive. So, in tribute to Americans are Dumb I present three examples of Americans being dumb:

1. They shoot and kill mentally ill people. (It’s being debated whether or not the man actually said he had a bomb. Even though I’m not a terrorism expert, I’d assume that real terrorists don’t go around shouting, “I’ve got a bomb. Hey, everyone, I’m a terrorist! I hate you for your freedoms, so I’m going to kill you all. Did I mention I have a bomb?”

2. San Francisco police made a “fun” video to be shown at a Christmas Party. The “morale” boosting, “fun” video contains a scene where a “white police officer in a patrol car [runs] over a black homeless woman”. Sounds hysterical. No, really.

3. They have “legally murdered” one thousand people since 1976.


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