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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Photographer tips table towards man

(Click the photo to make it larger.)
On Tuesday November 8, there was a confrontation outside the Melbourne Magistrates Court between the media and alleged friends of men arrested in so-called terror raids. While scrutinising the footage I witnessed a photographer tip over a table in the direction of one of the men. The photographer was not provoked in any way. This is clearly a disgusting attempt to provoke the men into attacking for a dramatic photo.

Oh, and it seems as if the government didn’t fabricate a terror attack to overshadow its IR legislation, as I posted before. If the evidence turns out to be true (and I believe the men have only been arrested for being members of a terror group and not for actually planning to commit a terrorist attack) then it’s actually worse than I thought. The government used a real threat to overshadow its IR legislation. Shame, Howard, shame. What will they stoop to next?


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