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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Claim: US soldiers sexually abused David Hicks

(Hick's) says he was physically and sexually abused by Americans, soon after he was taken into custody.
Hicks revealed the details to his father in a one-on-one meeting at Guantanamo Bay. His lawyers say they have witnesses and that US authorities have photographic evidence to back up the claims.
Lawyers for Hicks first raised the allegations over a year ago but the US Defence Department banned them from making any of the information public.
I guess rape and torture got mixed up with all that spreading freedom and making the world safer stuff.

But are we surprised? Remember, US troops have raped their own fellow soldiers.

Are we surprised? Sadly, no.

ABC NEWS: Calls for full inquiry into Hicks claims

ABC NEWS: Downer's staff 'knew of Hicks abuse claims'


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