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Friday, November 25, 2005

America: Land of the free (unless you’re one of those gays)

Brent Hartinger, author of the excellent Geography Club and The Last Chance Texaco, has had Geography Club banned by a school district of Tacoma, ironically his home town. The ostensible reason given was the fact that the main character meets someone from the internet in a park. This, apparently, will send every teen reader to the first porn site they can find and hook up with paedophiles in dank car parks… or something. I guess they skimmed by the part where the main character asks several questions of the anonymous web chatter, questions only a student at the same high school could answer correctly. Ah, literacy, it’s a grand thing. Though, I guess literacy is a trait of teh gays, and we can’t have that!

But do we really buy the idea they banned the book because the main character meets someone off the internet? Of course not! It’s simple, really. The book is a cesspit of An-American faggyness about faggy fags doing faggy things. Really, why it was ever published is beyond me.

Remember, the freedoms many Americans bang on about is just window dressing. They don’t really want a democracy where people of all religions, sexualities, ethnicities etc. can exist in literature and be read (or not read, as is your right) by anyone choosing to do so.

Oh, and as always with cases like this, it was parents who complained, not the students.

[A link to Brent's excellent blog is in the Links section.]


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