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Thursday, October 20, 2005

US atrocity captured on camera

Australian television network SBS has tonight broadcast video footage of American soldiers in Afghanistan burning the bodies of two Taliban fighters. The US troops said they had set fire to the corpses for hygiene concerns. However the area where the bodies were situated was not near any town or homes and posed little to no threat to sanitation. The bodies were also pointed towards Mecca, a direct insult to Islam.

The video shows a group of American soldiers standing around the burning bodies. One of the captivated troops exclaims: “Wow, look at the blood coming out of the mouth on that one. Fucking straight death metal.” Then one of the soldiers burps as the flames continue to ravage the corpses.

Tampering with the dead bodies of your enemy is a breach of the Geneva Convention.

Later on they use the incident as offensive propaganda to bait Taliban fighters. This message was blared from large speakers mounted on the roof of the Army vehicles: “Attention Taliban, You are all cowardly dogs. You allowed your fellow fighters to be laid down facing west and burned. You were too scared to come down and retrieve their bodies. This just proves that you’re the lady-boys we always believed you to be.” Another message contains misogynistic content, “You attack and run away like women.”

As the footage is extremely graphic I am not 100% sure if Blogspot will allow me to show the uncensored footage, so I have decided to block out the scenes. I’m just too worried that if I did my blog would be taken down. Though I think you can imagine the extent of the horror. Hopefully this footage is shown around the world.

Dateline - Psych War in Afghanistan
Includes a complete transcript of the story, as well as an interview with the man who filmed the footage.

UPDATE: 9:02am

The Age: SBS shows troops burning Taliban bodies
The US has reacted.


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