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Friday, October 28, 2005

September 11 was the greatest day ever and I hope al-Qaeda kills every American

Okay, I don’t believe that. At all. I wrote that deliberately provocative headline to illustrate the dangers of the Australian Government's proposed terrorism policies. If they are passed I would be arrested for writing and publishing such opinions as the one above. Of course we’re appalled by such opinions, but are you so offended by them that you would want the author of such comments to be jailed for seven years?

The new sedition laws could see anti-war protesters being arrested. If someone holds the view, for example, that the Iraqi people have a legitimate right to fight back and kill American troops who are illegally in Iraq, they could also be arrested. But not only that, but anyone publishing the views, like a television news program or newspaper, could also find themselves arrested.

It is quite frightening times. This legislation must not be passed. If it is I’ll not be able to criticise the Australian Government or the invasion of Iraq, and perhaps, by default, American and other Australian allied governments on this blog.

For the first time ever I am genuinely and legitimately concerned that my right to freedom of speech and dissent is going to be quashed.


The Age: Watching what you say by Ben Saul

Media Watch: Seditious opinion? Lock 'em up

Perth Indy Media: Sedition Laws Target Peaceful Civil Disobedience


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