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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Early coverage of Baghdad Bombing

Interesting coverage of the truck bombing in Baghdad today. While changing between channels it was funny how CNNI and BBC World were showing footage a little after 1:30am here. But News Corp’s Fox News had their presenters having a good chuckle while they yammered on about the impending hurricane. Sky News, also owned by News Corp., had a reporter in America talking about the hurricane, but at least they had the breaking news on the bottom of the screen, unlike Fox’s incredibly tacky “Wicked Wilma”.

Regarding the second row of photos:

A - When Fox did start to cover the story it was mostly in little windows like you see here.

B & C - CNNI and BBC had a lot of coverage featuring screens of dust.

D - The anchorwoman’s expression in this photo made me laugh.

BBC has had very good coverage. CNNI pretty good. FOX and SKY have been pitiful so far. FOX is mostly just Hurricane Wilma and SKY is focusing on Wilma, the riots in the UK and suicide websites. Fox is focusing mostly on the footage of the close up of the truck, which doesn’t show much (truck explodes, there is distortion) while BBC and CNNI are choosing to mostly use the very wide shot, which includes the truck moving back and forth. It then explodes, sending a huge cloud of dust into the air. The whole shot is then just dust. BBC have also been showing an after effect shot from Japan’s NHK.


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