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Friday, August 26, 2005

Who Would Jesus Assassinate?

Thou Shall Not Kill… Blah, whatever. Anyway the correct phrase was Thou Shall Not Murder, and everyone knows killing, sorry, murdering the democratically-elected leader of a country is not really wrong. But everything’s okay, he didn’t really mean assassination, what Robertson meant when he said that Chavez should be assassinated is that he should be KIDNAPPED. Ah, that’s so much better. There’s no Thou Shall Not [INSERT DAMNABLE SIN HERE] thingy against kidnap, is there? What if you kidnap him and THEN assassinate him? I’m pretty sure the Lord would approve.

But the real controversy? Why has Robertson created a controversy that has everyone saying ASS ASS inate? That’s, like, not moral, man!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Church signs

If you haven’t been over to Church Sign Generator.com then you really should. Now you have the opportunity to create your own church signs, from the comfort of your own home. My creation is above. The site also has a collection of real signs. I’m quite ill at the moment and have felt pretty lousy over the past couple of days, but this site made me laugh. Recommended.