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Friday, December 10, 2004

Jeremy Hinzman is a true American hero

Former paratrooper Jeremy Hinzman fled to Canada earlier this year, seeking asylum. He called the invasion of Iraq illegal and said he feared being asked to commit atrocities. During an asylum hearing a few days ago a U.S. marine testified that his unit murdered more than 30 innocent civilians over two days. It will not be known until February 2005 if Hinzman is given asylum. Let’s hope so.

Jeremy Hinzman is a truly great man, and for me represents a true American. He is sticking up for what he believes in. He is fighting to the truth, honour and human rights. Good on you Jeremy, we hope you’re granted asylum to live in the great country of Canada.

Let's just hope more American soldiers do this. It is an illegal war and America are committing more and more atrocities, if hundreds if not thousands of soldiers refused to fight that would send a huge message to the half of America who believe in this mass-slaughter of innocent people. When the world is getting crazier by the day it is people like Jeremy Hinzman who restore my hope in the world.

Visit Jeremy’s official site
(The family photo is just beautiful!)

U.S. army deserter seeking refugee status in Canada

Jeremy Hinzman is seen as a deserter by the American military, but to his supporters he is a war resister and should be given refugee status in Canada.

US deserter's Canadian campaign
Vicious messages, mostly from Americans, have flooded the inbox of 25-year-old Jeremy Hinzman, an American soldier who deserted to seek refugee status in Canada after refusing to participate in the war in Iraq, which he has called a "criminal enterprise".


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