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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Gay rights recognised around the globe

From next year gay couples in New Zealand will be able to joined in civil unions. Heterosexual couples not wanting to get married but wanting special rights (such as child custody and taxation) will also be able to get civil unions. The bill was passed 65 to 55 votes. The parliament erupted into applause after the result was known.

And that’s not the only good news… The Canadian Supreme court has said the government can legalise gay marriage in the provinces where it is not already legal. And this is on the heels of Spain’s decision to legalise gay marriage. And not to forget the American state of Massachusetts, which this year became the first U.S. state to legalise gay marriage.

Now if only the rest of America could free its self from the shackles of homophobia and realise that gay marriage does not undermine “normal” marriage. In my opinion not legalising gay marriage makes marriage look stupid, cause then it’s not really about love at all. Thank you Canada and New Zealand and Spain and the rest of the countries around the world that recognise love doesn’t fit one form.


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