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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Why are so many Americans stupid?

It was so obvious to the whole world, but why did 51% of Americans vote for Bush? The question must be asked: why are so many Americans stupid?

I decided to take a look at pro-Bush websites to try to understand why they love him so much, and garner an insight into the mind of a Bush voter.

“Right now I am praising God with every fiber (sic) of my being. I don't think that many people realize that with this election the morality of our country was at stake. If Kerry had been elected, all the principles that our country was founded on would have gone down.” And America was founded on invading countries and murdering thousands of people? America’s morality has ceased to exist ever since America invaded Iraq. I really don’t know how these people think this way.

“We can't escape the fact that the basis of starting our country was freedom to worship God, and Kerry would have led the country in the opposite direction: freedom to do as we please.” I really have no idea what this person is trying to say. That America was founded on freedom and if Kerry had been elected he would have opposed freedom by giving the population the “freedom to do as we please.” Is the person saying that Americans should be forced to worship God (which would go against freedom in every way)? Just more crazy hypocrisy. And wasn’t America founded on the freedom to worship any Religion or not to worship at all? Is this person insane or what!

A discussion on gay marriage likened gay people to animals (“or we'll include herds of sheep and gerbils, too?”) and perverts. Other charming comments: “People don't have a right to force everyone else to respect their sexual desire for the pet dog, and they don't have a right to force everyone to respect their other perversions. The issue is that perverts are desperate to think they're normal. Homosexuals are perverts.” Legalising gay marriage was compared to legalising theft. It’s so sad to see such hatred.

“I love pres. bush because he is a godly man, he cares for people, he doing what he genuanlly (sic) believes to be right, he sees war as LAST reasort (sic) (after 9/11 how COULD WE AVOID WAR?!), he is pro-life (he doesnt (sic) not believe in aborttion (sic), yes the baby can breath and have DREAMS), he is OVERALL THE BEST PRESIDENT EVER!!!!!!!!!!"

“after 9/11 how COULD WE AVOID WAR?!)”
Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with September 11. Anyone who believes otherwise is seriously ignorant of the facts.

“I LOVE PRESIDENT BUSH for standing up for what is right - morally right!!!”

There are many comments about Bush being moral, however anyone who looks at Iraq with all the facts can see the invasion was the epitome of immorality. There seems to be a consistent link between people who say Bush is moral – the abortion issue and Christianity.

“Even if it is the truth Abortion is still not right unless it's under certain extreme conditions. THOU SHALT NOT KILL - remember?” If they are so passionate about abortion being murder why aren’t they against the murders in Iraq? I don’t understand it. How can they be so passionate about one issue and totally disregard another? And then I had my answer…

“Iraq is about defending the US from terrorists.”

“I would also like to add this, though were in this war... doesn't make Bush a bad person. After Sept. 11, we couldn't just sit back and do nothing; we had to fight back.”

Fight back? Fight back?! Iraq never attacked you!! How clearer does it have to be? IRAQ NEVER ATTACKED AMERICA. IRAQ NEVER ATTACKED AMERICA. If you think otherwise you are just a stupid moron.

So I have my answer, they don’t look at the Iraq invasion as an abhorrent detour. The way they see it is that America was attacked on September 11, Iraq was planning another September 11 and the war was to stop that. They see the “war” as protecting America, stopping another attack. They see Bush as moral because he is against gay marriage (because homosexuals are perverts), he is against abortion and he is protecting America from terrorists by killing them in Iraq.

The first two points I have no issue with. I have respect for anyone who is against abortion and I can understand if people are against gay marriage (I can understand that their bigotry clouds their vision). What I don’t understand is how anyone could see this invasion as protecting America. Do they not understand that no weapons of mass destruction were found? Do they not understand that Bush and co. is making a lot of money from this invasion? Do they not understand that thousands of people have been killed protecting America from non-existent weapons? Have they forgotten that America wasn’t attacked with conventional weapons on September 11, but rather it’s own planes? In a Washington Post poll over 50% of Americans still believe Iraq has weapons of mass destruction and were actually planning to attack America! I think that says it all.

So it all comes down to ignorance. But where does that ignorance stem from? The US media? The fact that America’s schoolbooks contain lies as truth. Ignorant peers? That patriotism is seen as blind faith. Religious ignorance. Or just a general stupidity? I’ll leave that up to you to decide.


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