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Friday, November 26, 2004

Strike called, as Ukrainian election deemed fraudulent

Do you remember a time when countries had elections and they were held in a fair manner and every vote was counted and all that stuff? Though of course only in countries where democracy was enjoyed. Well it seems like those days are long gone, doesn’t it? Though I guess if America, the supposed beacon of democracy, is run by a President who actually didn’t win well you can’t be too surprised if the rest of the world follows in its footsteps.

Thousands of people in Ukraine are gearing up for a fifth straight night of protests after the Presidential election was marred by mass fraud. Election officials have called Viktor Yanukovych the winner, however international watchers have witnessed terrible cases of fraud, including acid being poured into ballot boxes and voter intimidation. The state-run Ukraine media is blatantly pro Yanukovych. The opposition leader, Viktor Yushchenko, has appealed to the Supreme Court over the fraudulent result. Mr Yushchenko’s face has been noticeably disfigured recently, with claims his opponents had poisoned him.

Mr Yushchenko has called for an "all-Ukrainian political strike", which could see schools and work places shut down and a halt to public transport.

Out-going Secretary of State, Colin Powell, read out a statement saying America “cannot accept” the result of the election.

Many experts are warning of civil war in the country. The eastern region of Ukraine is pro Yanukovych and pro Russia, where as the West is seen as being strongly in favour of Mr Yushchenko and pro EU/NATO.

Why can’t we just go back to that old-fashioned approach to elections where democracy is actually called upon! What does democracy and freedom mean in today’s world?

If anyone from Ukraine is reading this I send my support to you and your country. Just look to Georgia to see what people power and a striving determination for democracy can do. Fight for your vote, fight for your voice, fight for your country! We are with you during the cold nights! Keep hope alive, I know you can do it!


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