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Friday, November 19, 2004

I feel so ashamed to be human

RE: the marine shooting the unarmed Iraqi, the footage I’ve seen begins with the troops already in the mosque, but people that have seen the whole footage report that the troops are told that the mosque has been searched, the Iraqi’s inside are POWs and unarmed and are awaiting pickup.

One of the marines says that the Iraqi is faking death, but he’s freaking severely wounded, it’s not like he’s going to be dancing about. Why would he pretend to be dead? And even if he was (for whatever crazy reason) the marine had no right to shoot him because they knew they were unarmed. I have no doubt that this is a gross assault on human dignity. A cold-blooded killing. I almost feel like cutting myself off from the world, it’s just getting too much. The world is going crazy and 59 million Americans support it. I want a new planet to live on, where human rights are respected. Where love and intelligence count. Where people can live without the fear of having their head blown off. I want to go and live in the jungle and not deal with all this shit. I feel so ashamed to be human. And this is on top of Margaret Hassan’s death, which is just so sad.

And now republicans are out for Kevin Sites, the American journalist who captured the murder on tape. Yeah, it seems as if those patriotic republicans really hate that thing called, um… what is it again, oh yes, FREEDOM. Yeah, the war is to bring freedom to the Iraqis but Americans better not have any of that freedom. Oh no, that would be terrible.


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