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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Fox News: levelling Falluja is ok

Last night I was watching Fox News again (damn I watch a lot of this crap!) and I was shocked by what they were saying. It seems as if Fox has been getting crazier since the Bush victory, as the other day a presenter called Arafat and the rest of the Palestinian government “crooks”. Well last night a military analyst was talking about the imminent assault on the Iraqi city Falluja and said that civilian deaths wouldn’t be a big deal and that soldiers shouldn’t really think about whom they are shooting at. He then said that if they had to it would be acceptable to decimate Fulluja. Yeah, bomb the whole city until no building is standing and kill everyone in sight. And the presenter agreed!

So let me get this straight, a female singer bares a nipple on TV and causes outrage but nobody is bothered when a news host agrees that bombing a city until it is rubble is acceptable. I want a new planet to live on!


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