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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Everybody needs good neighbours...

On the heels of the Play School lesbian controversy (re: two loving mothers take their daughter and a friend to a park and that some how equates to child abuse), comes the Neighbours lesbian controversy. For those who don’t know, Neighbours is a long running Australian television soap. Kind of like the Bold and the Beautiful without the bold and/or the beautiful. Think characters with names such as Toadfish, Izzy, Liljana and Stingray. Think an average Australian family dealing with average Australian problems such as school, parents, the social scene down at the local coffee shop, snooty neighbours, that bratty kid down the road, kissing your lesbian girlfriend, going down the street to get some milk… Hang on! Wait just a second, did you say lesbians kissing?! Oh dear god, think of the children!!

Yes, two Neighbours characters have professed their love for each other (that’s lesbian love). And in a recent episode they kissed (um… lesbian kissed). Which of course sent Australia’s children to suicide after witnessing such abhorrent behaviour. Well, actually no, but the moral brigade were out in force.

A newspaper was flooded with comments:

“I am against media promotion of homosexual TV. As our standards break down, we have become desensitised. I am not a fan and will do what I have to do to protect my kids from this rubbish.”

Indeed, as community standards fall what we really need is an insurgence of hate. That should make the world a much nicer place to live in. I salute you and your wonderful parenting. I just hope your kids have more brains than you.

“Why is the Herald Sun promoting homosexuality? We consider it highly inappropriate for the paper to promote a disease-ridden lifestyle to the general community.”

Well, honey, you’d be surprised just how many ‘diseased-individuals’ are part of the general community. Open your eyes and stop thinking with such a bigoted, misguided mindset.

“I am a parent of two 10-year-old girls. We watch Neighbours and I’m concerned about recent storylines. While I understand the reasons behind having gay storylines on TV shows, I don’t understand why they are included on shows that are G-rated. Given the issues that gay storylines raise, the rating should be PG. My children have asked me why Lana likes Sky when she’s a girl. Neighbours was one show I could let my children watch without having to worry about exposure to sex. Not any more. My children are ten. They still play with dolls. I don’t want to have to explain to them about gay issues.”

No, we wouldn’t want you to exhaust yourself having to explain things to your children. Maybe you wouldn’t be so perturbed if you were actually a good parent. You don’t want to explain to your children that love doesn’t just mean a man and a woman? Are you scared that your children knowing about gay people will wreck them or something? I hate this kind of sugarcoated bigotry. The person says they understand the reasons for gay storylines but believes they shouldn’t be on G-rated shows. Why? Heterosexual couples are always kissing on shows like Neighbours, but nobody gets into a fit. Did the two evil lesbians have hot nasty sex, which involved fists being inserted, and the killing and drinking the blood of a sacrificial cow? Um, no. It was a kiss! Just a kiss, a normal everyday kiss that transpires on almost every episode between males and females. Now that two females have kissed that somehow means it was explicit sex that is not suitable for early evening viewing. Give me a break! You don’t want to explain “gay issues” to your children? What “gay issues”? Why can’t two people love each other without there being any “issues”? Heterosexual couples are not immune from “issues”, so the next time a male kisses a female tell your children that if she’s been sleeping around she could have a nasty infection.

“The homosexual lobby, though a minority, is quite vocal. But I do not think these storylines should be promoted on television, especially as early as 6.30pm. If at all, they should be on after 10.30pm, as should other programs of any sexual nature.”

It is comments like this that really piss me off. Why do so many people immediately associate gay people with sex? If a male and female kiss that is moral and non-sexual. But if a female kisses another female that somehow becomes “sexual”. For anybody who thinks this way: GROW A BRAIN!!!

Maybe the world would be just a little better if parents taught their children to treat people with dignity and respect instead of teaching hatred and intolerance.


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