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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Bush supporters are NOT moral; they are hypocrites of the highest order

80% of churchgoers voted for George W. Bush. I’ll say that again, 80% of churchgoers voted for George W. Bush. That is such a sickening statistic.

The media is saying that Bush won the moral vote, but Bush is so immoral that I can only conclude that these people are so brain-dead that they wouldn’t even know if their head was on fire.

How can these people call themselves Christians? I always thought Christianity taught love and compassion and that murder was wrong. But it seems that since the last time I was in church that Christian morals now include murder (in the thousands). How can these people say they voted for morals and actually keep a straight face? Don’t they see the pictures from Iraq? Don’t they read newspapers, or are they too busy raping children in their churches?

Anyone who votes for Bush is a totally immoral person. A vote for Bush is a tick of approval for the Iraq invasion, which has destroyed cities, killed thousands and injured many more. If these Christians are right then they stand for murder. Did you hear that? God wants Arabs dead. God hates Arabs. God wants the good white people to kill those nasty Arabs. Will we see an additional commandment? Thou shall kill as many Arabs as I can?

And what about the fact that Bush used to be an alcoholic and sorted cocaine? If Kerry had been an alcoholic the Christians would have gone wild, but when it is Bush they just ignore it and say he conquered it with God’s love. They tout him as a family man, but Bush’s two bitches are following their daddy in the drinking department. Isn’t that a great example to set for your family? They are a family of boozers! But they don’t care! Bush could do anything and these people would just follow like the loyal sheep they are. These people think they are moral? This just shows you how utterly laughable these people are. These people helped Bush win and I think that says a lot.


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