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Friday, November 05, 2004

Because you voted for it…

This is a message to the 59 million or so Americans who voted for George Bush:

When another American is taken hostage in Iraq and beheaded you cannot be angered or upset because YOU VOTED FOR IT.

As the death toll of American soldiers rises in Iraq you cannot feel sad or angry because YOU VOTED FOR THEIR DEATH.

When America is attacked again (probably worse than September 11) you cannot cry, feel sad or angry because YOU VOTED FOR IT.

You can not feel sorry for the thousands of Iraqi’s who have been killed or injured because YOU VOTED FOR THEIR DEATHS.

You can not feel angered or saddened by the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal because YOUR VOTE SAID IT IS ACCEPTABLE FOR AMERICANS TO TORTURE AND KILL PEOPLE.

You can not get angry when your government puts people into prison camps without any legal rights because YOUR VOTE LEGITIMISES IT.

When you lose your job and can’t afford to feed your family it will be your fault because YOU VOTED FOR IT.

When you see people around the world burning American flags you cannot react because YOU VOTED FOR IT.

When the world looks at America and sees a horrible country filled with stupid people you cannot defend yourself because YOU VOTED FOR IT.

You voted for Bush and you’re going to get a Bush country. And when you realise your country has turned to shit and the whole world hates you more than ever and you’re trying to recover from the latest attack on your soil just remember, YOU VOTED FOR IT.


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