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Thursday, November 04, 2004

America becomes a global outcast as war criminal Bush is re-elected

George W. Bush has been re-elected in the U.S. Presidential election. The world knows the truth about Bush, and because of America’s ignorance or stupidity (or both) it has now become a complete outcast.

The rest of the world looked on at the close presidential race and wondered, why is it so close? The majority of the world knows Bush is foolish and malicious and would never dream of voting for him. So why is it so close when the choice is easy? Why can’t the Americans see the truth? This confused many around the world and just reinforced the stereotypes of a deluded nation.

Anti-American sentiment has been rife around the world, particularly after the invasion of Iraq. I’d hear people say, “Americans are so stupid” and “I hate Americans”. But I’d always defend them, saying you should hate the government, not the people. The majority of Americans are friendly and intelligent people, and around half of America had a problem with the invasion of Iraq. But I don’t know if I can defend them anymore. I cannot defend the population that voted for Bush. In 2000 they had an excuse, they didn’t know him very well. But during the last four years Bush has shown himself to be the worst President in American history. Anyone who voted for Bush in this election can fairly be called stupid or deluded. I will not defend stupidity!

America has been isolated in the past couple of years. It is the nation that is supposedly a democracy but the leader wasn’t even elected. It is a nation that prides itself on freedom and liberty but stomps all over human rights and liberties. It is fighting a “war on terrorism” however it commits its own terrorist attacks. It goes after any country with nuclear weapons but it is developing its own nuclear weapons. It goes after countries that supposedly possess weapons of mass destruction when it has more weapons of mass destruction than any other country. Iraq had no weapons and attacked no one; America has piles of weapons and used them on a defenceless country, is there anything wrong with that picture? It says Saddam Hussein is evil because he tortured people but then America tortures people, including photos of soldiers smiling over dead bodies. Bush says he has made the world safer even though the invasion of Iraq has created the next ten years of terrorism against the USA. America says it wants peace in the Middle East but as long as it supports Israel in building its illegal fence and ignores the fact that Israel has nuclear weapons it will never happen. If Israel were an Islamic country America would be threatening it. The people in the Middle East see this. The re-election of Bush just adds to the list of outrages this country has been responsible for.

It worries me that churchgoers came out in support of Bush. What religion says it is ok to kill one hundred thousand innocent people for no reason at all? Many people look at Bush as if he is a Christ-like figure, but would Jesus murder thousands upon thousands of people? These so-called Christians are just hypocrites and bigots. Is Bush really a man of God like they say? If so he must have skipped the page where it says “Thou Shall Not Kill.” Over one thousand American soldiers have died. Young lives lost for nothing, their family and friends lives ruined, just so Bush and his cronies could make money. I’m sure Cheney doesn’t give a shit for the mothers and fathers who have lost their children, killed in a “war” to fill the coffers of Halliburton. This is who you have voted for!! Not patriots as they like to call themselves, but people that would put young Americans in danger just to make money. Is that who you want leading your country? Do you really want a terrorist leading your country?

George Bush has murdered thousands of people, including over a thousand American soldiers. Go to a lady in Iraq, distressed that her husband and children have been killed in an American bombing, and tell her you voted for the man that killed her family. Could you do that? Walk up to a young Iraqi boy who has lost both arms in an American raid and tell him you voted for the man that made him disabled. Could you do that? Go up to a grieving American mother and tell her you voted for the man that killed her son. Could you do that?

But I know there are millions in America who also know the truth, and for them I have this message: Keep strong and keep the faith. The whole world is with you! Be glad you know the truth and haven’t been brainwashed like the rest of your country. Hold on to the hope that in four years America will have a President that it truly deserves. My condolences go out to you all. Viva Freedom! Viva Liberty! Viva an America that is not run by a terrorist!


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