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Monday, November 29, 2004

Ukrainian media revolts against biased reporting as parliament calls election invalid

The Ukrainian parliament has agreed the election result was invalid, saying it was “at odds with the will of the people.” Unfortunately the parliament’s views are not legally binding, however it has been seen as a moral boost to Yushchenko supporters. The Ukrainian Supreme Court meets today to examine the various claims of fraud.

The election crisis has deepened after officials in eastern Ukraine vowed to split Ukraine in two if Mr Yushchenko were to become president.

But in some great news reporters at Ukraine’s state-owned television channel, which had been a voice for pro-Government propaganda, have revolted, saying they have had enough of “telling the government’s lies”. Other stations with a pro-Government bias have said they too will also become impartial. This is just fantastic news. America, are you watching?

And isn’t it lovely to see police officers standing with the protesters. I particularly enjoyed the footage of protesters giving the police flowers.

Seeing people fight for democracy has been so beautiful, but the absence of violence has made it even better.


Ukraine state TV in revolt
Excellent BBC story. A correspondent on the state channel, UT1, announced live on the evening bulletin that the entire news team was going to join the protests in Independence Square. She said their message to the protesters was: "We are not lying anymore".

Friday, November 26, 2004

Strike called, as Ukrainian election deemed fraudulent

Do you remember a time when countries had elections and they were held in a fair manner and every vote was counted and all that stuff? Though of course only in countries where democracy was enjoyed. Well it seems like those days are long gone, doesn’t it? Though I guess if America, the supposed beacon of democracy, is run by a President who actually didn’t win well you can’t be too surprised if the rest of the world follows in its footsteps.

Thousands of people in Ukraine are gearing up for a fifth straight night of protests after the Presidential election was marred by mass fraud. Election officials have called Viktor Yanukovych the winner, however international watchers have witnessed terrible cases of fraud, including acid being poured into ballot boxes and voter intimidation. The state-run Ukraine media is blatantly pro Yanukovych. The opposition leader, Viktor Yushchenko, has appealed to the Supreme Court over the fraudulent result. Mr Yushchenko’s face has been noticeably disfigured recently, with claims his opponents had poisoned him.

Mr Yushchenko has called for an "all-Ukrainian political strike", which could see schools and work places shut down and a halt to public transport.

Out-going Secretary of State, Colin Powell, read out a statement saying America “cannot accept” the result of the election.

Many experts are warning of civil war in the country. The eastern region of Ukraine is pro Yanukovych and pro Russia, where as the West is seen as being strongly in favour of Mr Yushchenko and pro EU/NATO.

Why can’t we just go back to that old-fashioned approach to elections where democracy is actually called upon! What does democracy and freedom mean in today’s world?

If anyone from Ukraine is reading this I send my support to you and your country. Just look to Georgia to see what people power and a striving determination for democracy can do. Fight for your vote, fight for your voice, fight for your country! We are with you during the cold nights! Keep hope alive, I know you can do it!


Ukraine poll plea goes to court

Monitors criticise conduct of Ukraine poll

Was election candidate poisoned?

Putin message stokes Ukraine crisis

Thursday, November 25, 2004

New warning label for cigarette packaging.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Blunder sends Australian Idol fans to porn site

I had to smile when I heard about this...

Telstra directs Idol fans to porn site

Monday, November 22, 2004


Sunday, November 21, 2004

Does God hate SBS?

SBS’s Tuesday night Cutting Edge documentary slot, (which screens hard hitting social issue documentaries, which almost always means an Anti-Bush doco), seems to have been a little too cutting for the man upstairs. The broadcast was of a French documentary (co-produced with SBS) called On God’s Right, examining the Christian right in America and their influence in politics, especially with the Bush regime. It was very interesting if a little disturbing at times (is it just me or do those worshipers with closed eyes and outstretched arms look like zombies?) but 30 minutes into the program disaster struck: SBS went off-air! What could it have been? A technical error? Or was God responsible? Indeed, maybe the guy is getting cranky as he grows older and just decided to lash out at a program that dare mock his followers.

This comes after SBS mysteriously mixed up an episode of the US gay drama Queer as Folk and screened it out of order. Or was it an act of God, trying to piss off the thousands of gay Australians? Hmmm… that is something to ponder.

The question must be asked: was this a technical slip-up or an act of God? I’ve included pictures so you can make up your own mind.

The timeline of horror:

8:30pm Documentary begins.
9:00pm Broadcast stops, goes to test pattern then black screen.
9:01pm A still image of the program, where it was cut off, comes up.
9:05pm Returns to black screen.
9:09pm A different still image from the program appears.
9:09pm Goes to test pattern then that lovely black screen reappears.
9:11pm The program returns. Yay! But it is in Pan and Scan, so the subtitles get cut off. Boo!
9:14pm Broadcast returns to wide screen.
9:20pm Black screen returns.
9:30pm World News Tonight should be coming on now. Instead viewers are greeted with that black screen.
9:44pm After 24 minutes of a black screen, World News Tonight finally comes on, though halfway through a story. But wait, that’s not Anton! It’s Mary! Yes, SBS is repeating the 6:30pm World News bulletin.

10:06pm The Tuesday night “Hot Doc” begins, only six minutes late. Phew!

SBS will repeat On God's Right today at 11:30am.

Was this a technical error or an act of God?

Friday, November 19, 2004


This is just disgusting. Why haven’t heard about this until now? Why isn’t there a huge uproar over this?

From the article:

In the weeks before the crushing military assault on his hometown, Bilal Hussein sent his parents and brother away from Fallujah to stay with relatives.

The 33-year-old Associated Press photographer stayed behind to capture insider images during the siege of the former insurgent stronghold.

``Everyone in Fallujah knew it was coming. I had been taking pictures for days,'' he said. ``I thought I could go on doing it.''

``U.S. soldiers began to open fire on the houses, so I decided that it was very dangerous to stay in my house,'' he said.

Hussein said he panicked, seizing on a plan to escape across the Euphrates River, which flows on the western side of the city.

Hussein moved from house to house - dodging gunfire - and reached the river. ``I decided to swim ... but I changed my mind after seeing U.S. helicopters firing on and killing people who tried to cross the river.''

He watched horrified as a family of five was shot dead as they tried to cross. Then, he ``helped bury a man by the river bank, with my own hands.''

``I kept walking along the river for two hours and I could still see some U.S. snipers ready to shoot anyone who might swim. I quit the idea of crossing the river and walked for about five hours through orchards.''

He met a peasant family, who gave him refuge in their house for two days. Hussein knew a driver in the region and sent a message to another AP colleague, Ali Ahmed, in nearby Ramadi. Ahmed relayed the news that Hussein was alive to AP's Baghdad bureau. He sent a second message back to Hussein that a fisherman in nearby Habaniyah would ferry the photographer to safety by boat.

AP Photographer Flees Fallujah

I feel so ashamed to be human

RE: the marine shooting the unarmed Iraqi, the footage I’ve seen begins with the troops already in the mosque, but people that have seen the whole footage report that the troops are told that the mosque has been searched, the Iraqi’s inside are POWs and unarmed and are awaiting pickup.

One of the marines says that the Iraqi is faking death, but he’s freaking severely wounded, it’s not like he’s going to be dancing about. Why would he pretend to be dead? And even if he was (for whatever crazy reason) the marine had no right to shoot him because they knew they were unarmed. I have no doubt that this is a gross assault on human dignity. A cold-blooded killing. I almost feel like cutting myself off from the world, it’s just getting too much. The world is going crazy and 59 million Americans support it. I want a new planet to live on, where human rights are respected. Where love and intelligence count. Where people can live without the fear of having their head blown off. I want to go and live in the jungle and not deal with all this shit. I feel so ashamed to be human. And this is on top of Margaret Hassan’s death, which is just so sad.

And now republicans are out for Kevin Sites, the American journalist who captured the murder on tape. Yeah, it seems as if those patriotic republicans really hate that thing called, um… what is it again, oh yes, FREEDOM. Yeah, the war is to bring freedom to the Iraqis but Americans better not have any of that freedom. Oh no, that would be terrible.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

US Marine shoots unarmed man

On one hand I can empathise with the soldier. Apparently they had been doing long, long shifts, he had been shot the day before, as well as another marine, in the same unit, dying from a bomb planted on a dead insurgents corpse. It must have been horrible stuff. People have used the phrase “in the heat of battle” but from the video this shooting was certainly not in the heat of battle. And if he had been shot why was he still in combat? Even if he had not been seriously injured he probably would have been seriously emotionally wounded. I’m certainly leaning towards this being a war crime rather than something “in the heat of battle.”

In the video a marine is heard saying: “"He's f**king faking he's dead. He's faking he's f**king dead." The soldier then shoots the man in his “upper body or head and blood splatters on the wall behind him.” Another marine says: "He's dead now." While the shooting was captured on tape, US television has not screened it. Before the shooting the Iraqi was severely wounded and unarmed. Shooting wounded enemies is considered a war crime.

The soldier has been suspended and an investigation into the shooting has begun. The investigation will try to determine "whether the marine acted in self-defence, violated military law or failed to comply with the law of armed conflict". This seems ludicrous, as anyone who has seen the tape knows it is not self-defence. He was wounded, lying on the ground and unarmed.

That “He’s dead now” would make a fantastic line in a Hollywood trash blockbuster, but this is real life. Though speaking of movies, I don’t know about you, but I was reminded of the second last scene in Full Metal Jacket when I heard about this.

But the biggest surprise for me? No, it wasn’t that a US marine was involved in a controversy regarding an Iraqi death, but the fact that the video made it out of Iraq. I would have thought the US military would have tried to censor or destroy the footage.


Colleagues defend suspended marine
The close range execution-style shooting was broadcast on US networks just hours after Amnesty International accused US forces and insurgent fighters of breaking the rules of war that protect civilians and wounded combatants.

US investigates Falluja killing
The BBC's James Robbins says the incident could prove highly damaging. It must explain, he says, whether wounded combatants were abandoned, or killed, illegally. But the BBC's Baghdad correspondent Caroline Hawley says most Iraqis will not be surprised, after the scandal of US abuse of Iraqi prisoners at the Abu Ghraib facility in Baghdad.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Red Crescent: Falluja is a humanitarian disaster

The aid agency the Red Crescent has said the Iraqi city of Falluja faces a humanitarian disaster after US Military attacks on the city.

US troops have taken over the hospital in Falluja, stopping citizens from gaining medical treatment. A young boy died from a snake bite, which would have been easily treatable had access been allowed to the hospital. A pregnant woman and her child also died because there were no doctors.

Foreign reporters are saying the smell of death hovers over the city as countless corpses line the streets.

The Red Crescent said the most needed supplies to the city were food, water and medical aid.

In more shocking developments a nine-year-old boy was hit by shrapnel, however his parents were unable to take him to hospital and he died hours later of blood loss. But that’s not the worst of it. Since going outside was so dangerous the boy’s family had to bury him in their garden. The Red Cross says there are thousands of people, including senior citizens, women and children who have not eaten or consumed water for days.

But of course this is all about killing evil terrorists, like women, children and babies. A shocking BBC report featured an irate Falluja mother. She said Bush deserved to be punished for his crimes against her country. She pointed to her wounded child and a baby, who had a leg amputated, and asked, “Are these children terrorists?”

Another horrific story tells of a family’s home being destroyed by a US Army bombardment. The mother and her three daughters were all killed.

And there is a question on my mind. The US Army can release death tolls of US soldiers and insurgents, but how come no civilian death toll? Are they too afraid to tell the world how many innocent people they’ve murdered?

Further reading:

Fallujah Residents Desperate for Food, Water, Aid
No food. No water. No help. As fierce fighting casts a pall of smoke over the rubble-strewn Iraqi city of Fallujah, thousands of Iraqi families remain cut off from desperately needed supplies. “It was terrible. We had no water or electricity. I even saw dead bodies lying in the street and a US tank rolled over them."

Eyewitness: Falluja battle scars
For four days now there have been bodies lying in the streets. It is starting to become a serious health risk. I spoke to an officer who had been a little way out from the base and he said that cats and dogs are now starting to eat these bodies. It is a quite horrific picture which I'm drawing but that is what awaits the people of Falluja when they come back.

A city in ruins, sky thick with smoke: 'let's kick ass ... the American way'
'I guess there are some good people - it's jus' that we don' have nothin' to do with them,' mused a marine as he and his colleagues sorted their kit and cleaned their M16 assault rifles. 'I see the little kids in the cars and I feel sorry for them, but when they turn 16 they're evil.'

US denies need for Falluja aid convoy
A convoy of food and medicine brought by the Red Crescent on Saturday was not allowed into the city because the US Army did not think any Iraqi civilians were trapped there. Some residents still inside the city, contacted by Reuters yesterday, said their children were suffering from diarrhoea and had not eaten for days. Much of Falluja has been destroyed and hundreds of thousands of residents are refugees but the attack seems only to have deepened the city's anger and antagonised much of the Sunni minority.

When the smoke has cleared around Fallujah, what horrors will be revealed?
"There will be nothing left of Fallujah by the time they finish. They have already destroyed so many homes with their bombings from the air, and now we are having this from tanks and big guns."

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Sorry Everybody

This is another fantastic site. It is a place for Americans to post photos of their apologies to the world that George Bush has been re-elected. I’ve submitted my own picture thanking all the Americans who have apologised (I’ve also posted it here, you can see it below this.)

Rather humorous variations on the sorry site are a few ‘I’m not sorry’ sites, filled with pictures of Bush supporters… um, not apologising. What isn’t humorous is the amount of Bush supporters posing with guns. I don’t mind the hunting pictures, but it’s a little disturbing seeing kids with pistols in their hands. There is also one that features skinheads, who look like brainwashed zombies ready to bash an Arab to death in revenge for 9/11. Very scary stuff. So scary in fact that even ardent Bush supporters are perturbed by it. Well, at least that’s one thing we can agree on!

My Sorry Everybody message

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Lie Girls

Lie Girls is a fantastic site. It is a phone sex parody making fun of George Dubya. I laughed till I cried then I laughed some more. You have to visit this site. The Iraq and John Kerry lines are must listens.

Friday, November 12, 2004

I predict there will be 454,000 murders this coming week...

This is a continuation of the Neighbours lesbian kiss fury. I’m disconcerted by comments saying that gay characters on television is a conspiracy by the gay arts establishment to send all children and adults gay. Doesn’t this totally debunk one of their favourite arguments, that homosexuality is a choice. If it is a conscious choice how could a television program suddenly ‘turn’ someone gay?

Let’s, for a second, say that it is true, that watching gay people on TV will send you gay. I ask why wouldn’t it happen in other areas? Let’s see how many crime shows dealing with murder will be screened on Australian television over the next week:


Inspector Rex, 7:30pm, SBS
“The Beast is Dead” Rex solves a murder of a young father, who was shot dead in broad daylight.

Law & Order: SVU, 8:30pm, Channel 10
“Damaged/Guilt” Deals with the rape and shooting of a six-year-old girl.

Storyline Australia: Music and Murder, 8:30pm, SBS
Documentary: Looks at three men, all incarcerated for horrific murders, who have become accomplished musicians in prison.

Murder Trail, 11:10pm, Channel 9


The Brief, 8:30pm, ABC
“So Long Samantha” Farmer tries to determine the truth behind an apparent case of rape and murder.

Inspector Rex, 8:30pm, SBS
“One Always Dies” A mysterious ad for “Ars Moriendi” (the art of dying) appears in a newspaper.


Cracker, 9:30pm, ABC
“To Be A Somebody” When an Asian shopkeeper is murdered, the police suspect a racist motive, but are not sure.


Movie: A Climate for Killing, 12:40am, Channel 9
A sheriff and a hotshot cop approach a 16-year-old murder mystery from opposite sides of the law when a body is found in the desert.

Robbery Homicide Division, 12:55am, Channel 10

Murder Trail, 10:50pm, Channel 9
“Trailside Killer” David Carpenter’s violent spree began in 1961, when he attacked a woman with a hammer, for which he was sentenced to 14 years in prison.


Crossing Jordan, 8:30pm, Channel 7
“Justice Delayed” A woman is found dead in her kitchen, and no one can agree on the cause of death.

Sensing Murder, 9:30pm, Channel 10
“Cruel Intent” The abduction and murder of 13-year-old Karmein Chan remains unsolved and her captor “Mc Cruel” remains one of Australia’s most wanted men.


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, 8:30pm, Channel 9
“Turn of the Screws” A roller coaster crash kills six people.

Cold Case, 9:30pm, Channel 9
“Glued” Stillman asks Lilly to reopen a case he couldn’t solve, where an eight-year-old boy was murdered in 1980.


Blue Heelers, 8:30pm, Channel 7
“Crash Site” The Heelers try to come to terms with the idea Tom is dead when the smouldering wreckage of his rental car is found, with a charred body at the wheel.

CSI: Miami, 8:30pm, Channel 9
“Innocent” The murder of an adult film star has the team investigating some seedy Miami denizens.


Blue Heelers, 2:00pm, Channel 7
Crime show based in country Victoria.

White Collar Blue, 12:00pm, Channel 10
Police series set in Sydney.

Ok, so that’s almost twenty hours of murder and death in just one week. So my advice would be to stay inside and lock your doors, ‘cause there’s gonna be a lot of murder going on. Just look at the ratings, last week 508,000 Melbournians watched CSI, 468,000 Law & Order: SVU, 449,000 CSI: Miami, 438,000 Law & Order and 408,000 who watched Blue Heelers. So that’s an average of 454,000 who watched a program featuring murder. So I predict there will be 454,000 murders this coming week. What, you think that’s preposterous? Tell that to the people who believe television will turn you gay! Though I guess I shouldn’t make fun of them too much, they do have a point. I mean it’s not like there were any gay people in the world before television started “glamorising” it.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Everybody needs good neighbours...

On the heels of the Play School lesbian controversy (re: two loving mothers take their daughter and a friend to a park and that some how equates to child abuse), comes the Neighbours lesbian controversy. For those who don’t know, Neighbours is a long running Australian television soap. Kind of like the Bold and the Beautiful without the bold and/or the beautiful. Think characters with names such as Toadfish, Izzy, Liljana and Stingray. Think an average Australian family dealing with average Australian problems such as school, parents, the social scene down at the local coffee shop, snooty neighbours, that bratty kid down the road, kissing your lesbian girlfriend, going down the street to get some milk… Hang on! Wait just a second, did you say lesbians kissing?! Oh dear god, think of the children!!

Yes, two Neighbours characters have professed their love for each other (that’s lesbian love). And in a recent episode they kissed (um… lesbian kissed). Which of course sent Australia’s children to suicide after witnessing such abhorrent behaviour. Well, actually no, but the moral brigade were out in force.

A newspaper was flooded with comments:

“I am against media promotion of homosexual TV. As our standards break down, we have become desensitised. I am not a fan and will do what I have to do to protect my kids from this rubbish.”

Indeed, as community standards fall what we really need is an insurgence of hate. That should make the world a much nicer place to live in. I salute you and your wonderful parenting. I just hope your kids have more brains than you.

“Why is the Herald Sun promoting homosexuality? We consider it highly inappropriate for the paper to promote a disease-ridden lifestyle to the general community.”

Well, honey, you’d be surprised just how many ‘diseased-individuals’ are part of the general community. Open your eyes and stop thinking with such a bigoted, misguided mindset.

“I am a parent of two 10-year-old girls. We watch Neighbours and I’m concerned about recent storylines. While I understand the reasons behind having gay storylines on TV shows, I don’t understand why they are included on shows that are G-rated. Given the issues that gay storylines raise, the rating should be PG. My children have asked me why Lana likes Sky when she’s a girl. Neighbours was one show I could let my children watch without having to worry about exposure to sex. Not any more. My children are ten. They still play with dolls. I don’t want to have to explain to them about gay issues.”

No, we wouldn’t want you to exhaust yourself having to explain things to your children. Maybe you wouldn’t be so perturbed if you were actually a good parent. You don’t want to explain to your children that love doesn’t just mean a man and a woman? Are you scared that your children knowing about gay people will wreck them or something? I hate this kind of sugarcoated bigotry. The person says they understand the reasons for gay storylines but believes they shouldn’t be on G-rated shows. Why? Heterosexual couples are always kissing on shows like Neighbours, but nobody gets into a fit. Did the two evil lesbians have hot nasty sex, which involved fists being inserted, and the killing and drinking the blood of a sacrificial cow? Um, no. It was a kiss! Just a kiss, a normal everyday kiss that transpires on almost every episode between males and females. Now that two females have kissed that somehow means it was explicit sex that is not suitable for early evening viewing. Give me a break! You don’t want to explain “gay issues” to your children? What “gay issues”? Why can’t two people love each other without there being any “issues”? Heterosexual couples are not immune from “issues”, so the next time a male kisses a female tell your children that if she’s been sleeping around she could have a nasty infection.

“The homosexual lobby, though a minority, is quite vocal. But I do not think these storylines should be promoted on television, especially as early as 6.30pm. If at all, they should be on after 10.30pm, as should other programs of any sexual nature.”

It is comments like this that really piss me off. Why do so many people immediately associate gay people with sex? If a male and female kiss that is moral and non-sexual. But if a female kisses another female that somehow becomes “sexual”. For anybody who thinks this way: GROW A BRAIN!!!

Maybe the world would be just a little better if parents taught their children to treat people with dignity and respect instead of teaching hatred and intolerance.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

TV shows getting more political

I’ve noticed that in the past few weeks America TV shows have been getting pretty political. In a Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law episode they made a quip about the state of America’s environment and in the background a limousine with George W. Bush in it passed by. And the last episode was a parody of the Patriot Act, and made fun of the colour-coded terror alert system.

The excellent legal drama The Practice has always focused on important issues but in the past few episodes they have slyly attacked the Patriot Act and the Bush administration, and last nights episode included the line “our President lied to us about weapons to go to war.”

And on the brilliant Six Feet Under the past few episodes have included characters commenting that with Bush it’s all just lies, characters have been reading anti-Bush books, and in last nights program a discussion about gay marriage had this line: “the government won’t acknowledge our marriage, well I don’t acknowledge most of the Bush administration.” And a Sopranos episode featured how easy it is to smuggle nuclear weapons via cargo ships in the past season.

The U.S. media might be White House suck ups, but at least American television writers are speaking the truth. And good on them!

Monday, November 08, 2004

America needs you more than ever

Many Americans have expressed their desire to leave the U.S. now that terrorist-in-chief George W. Bush has been re-elected. The Canadian immigration website has been flooded with visitors, and it’s the same with the New Zealand site. And while I understand their desire to get out of their country I think their departure would be more harmful than good.

America is filled with loonies who think the invasion of Iraq is protecting them from terrorism and that God was responsible for Bush’s victory, with your absence America will only get crazier. America needs people like you! It needs people who actually think! If there is a mass-exodus of intelligent people I don’t want to even think about what the 2008 election will be like.

You’ve got to stay and fight. I know it must be extremely disheartening knowing that 59 million of your fellow citizens are brainless, but giving up the fight will only make them stronger. Show the Bush cronies that you’re not going to take it. Nelson Mandela never left South Africa: he stayed and fought. It might take a long time, but as long as you’re there hope stays alive.

America needs you more than ever; so don’t let your country down. Stay, fight and turn your country back into what it once was.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Fox News: levelling Falluja is ok

Last night I was watching Fox News again (damn I watch a lot of this crap!) and I was shocked by what they were saying. It seems as if Fox has been getting crazier since the Bush victory, as the other day a presenter called Arafat and the rest of the Palestinian government “crooks”. Well last night a military analyst was talking about the imminent assault on the Iraqi city Falluja and said that civilian deaths wouldn’t be a big deal and that soldiers shouldn’t really think about whom they are shooting at. He then said that if they had to it would be acceptable to decimate Fulluja. Yeah, bomb the whole city until no building is standing and kill everyone in sight. And the presenter agreed!

So let me get this straight, a female singer bares a nipple on TV and causes outrage but nobody is bothered when a news host agrees that bombing a city until it is rubble is acceptable. I want a new planet to live on!

Bush supporters are NOT moral; they are hypocrites of the highest order

80% of churchgoers voted for George W. Bush. I’ll say that again, 80% of churchgoers voted for George W. Bush. That is such a sickening statistic.

The media is saying that Bush won the moral vote, but Bush is so immoral that I can only conclude that these people are so brain-dead that they wouldn’t even know if their head was on fire.

How can these people call themselves Christians? I always thought Christianity taught love and compassion and that murder was wrong. But it seems that since the last time I was in church that Christian morals now include murder (in the thousands). How can these people say they voted for morals and actually keep a straight face? Don’t they see the pictures from Iraq? Don’t they read newspapers, or are they too busy raping children in their churches?

Anyone who votes for Bush is a totally immoral person. A vote for Bush is a tick of approval for the Iraq invasion, which has destroyed cities, killed thousands and injured many more. If these Christians are right then they stand for murder. Did you hear that? God wants Arabs dead. God hates Arabs. God wants the good white people to kill those nasty Arabs. Will we see an additional commandment? Thou shall kill as many Arabs as I can?

And what about the fact that Bush used to be an alcoholic and sorted cocaine? If Kerry had been an alcoholic the Christians would have gone wild, but when it is Bush they just ignore it and say he conquered it with God’s love. They tout him as a family man, but Bush’s two bitches are following their daddy in the drinking department. Isn’t that a great example to set for your family? They are a family of boozers! But they don’t care! Bush could do anything and these people would just follow like the loyal sheep they are. These people think they are moral? This just shows you how utterly laughable these people are. These people helped Bush win and I think that says a lot.

How George W. Bush won.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Why are so many Americans stupid?

It was so obvious to the whole world, but why did 51% of Americans vote for Bush? The question must be asked: why are so many Americans stupid?

I decided to take a look at pro-Bush websites to try to understand why they love him so much, and garner an insight into the mind of a Bush voter.

“Right now I am praising God with every fiber (sic) of my being. I don't think that many people realize that with this election the morality of our country was at stake. If Kerry had been elected, all the principles that our country was founded on would have gone down.” And America was founded on invading countries and murdering thousands of people? America’s morality has ceased to exist ever since America invaded Iraq. I really don’t know how these people think this way.

“We can't escape the fact that the basis of starting our country was freedom to worship God, and Kerry would have led the country in the opposite direction: freedom to do as we please.” I really have no idea what this person is trying to say. That America was founded on freedom and if Kerry had been elected he would have opposed freedom by giving the population the “freedom to do as we please.” Is the person saying that Americans should be forced to worship God (which would go against freedom in every way)? Just more crazy hypocrisy. And wasn’t America founded on the freedom to worship any Religion or not to worship at all? Is this person insane or what!

A discussion on gay marriage likened gay people to animals (“or we'll include herds of sheep and gerbils, too?”) and perverts. Other charming comments: “People don't have a right to force everyone else to respect their sexual desire for the pet dog, and they don't have a right to force everyone to respect their other perversions. The issue is that perverts are desperate to think they're normal. Homosexuals are perverts.” Legalising gay marriage was compared to legalising theft. It’s so sad to see such hatred.

“I love pres. bush because he is a godly man, he cares for people, he doing what he genuanlly (sic) believes to be right, he sees war as LAST reasort (sic) (after 9/11 how COULD WE AVOID WAR?!), he is pro-life (he doesnt (sic) not believe in aborttion (sic), yes the baby can breath and have DREAMS), he is OVERALL THE BEST PRESIDENT EVER!!!!!!!!!!"

“after 9/11 how COULD WE AVOID WAR?!)”
Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with September 11. Anyone who believes otherwise is seriously ignorant of the facts.

“I LOVE PRESIDENT BUSH for standing up for what is right - morally right!!!”

There are many comments about Bush being moral, however anyone who looks at Iraq with all the facts can see the invasion was the epitome of immorality. There seems to be a consistent link between people who say Bush is moral – the abortion issue and Christianity.

“Even if it is the truth Abortion is still not right unless it's under certain extreme conditions. THOU SHALT NOT KILL - remember?” If they are so passionate about abortion being murder why aren’t they against the murders in Iraq? I don’t understand it. How can they be so passionate about one issue and totally disregard another? And then I had my answer…

“Iraq is about defending the US from terrorists.”

“I would also like to add this, though were in this war... doesn't make Bush a bad person. After Sept. 11, we couldn't just sit back and do nothing; we had to fight back.”

Fight back? Fight back?! Iraq never attacked you!! How clearer does it have to be? IRAQ NEVER ATTACKED AMERICA. IRAQ NEVER ATTACKED AMERICA. If you think otherwise you are just a stupid moron.

So I have my answer, they don’t look at the Iraq invasion as an abhorrent detour. The way they see it is that America was attacked on September 11, Iraq was planning another September 11 and the war was to stop that. They see the “war” as protecting America, stopping another attack. They see Bush as moral because he is against gay marriage (because homosexuals are perverts), he is against abortion and he is protecting America from terrorists by killing them in Iraq.

The first two points I have no issue with. I have respect for anyone who is against abortion and I can understand if people are against gay marriage (I can understand that their bigotry clouds their vision). What I don’t understand is how anyone could see this invasion as protecting America. Do they not understand that no weapons of mass destruction were found? Do they not understand that Bush and co. is making a lot of money from this invasion? Do they not understand that thousands of people have been killed protecting America from non-existent weapons? Have they forgotten that America wasn’t attacked with conventional weapons on September 11, but rather it’s own planes? In a Washington Post poll over 50% of Americans still believe Iraq has weapons of mass destruction and were actually planning to attack America! I think that says it all.

So it all comes down to ignorance. But where does that ignorance stem from? The US media? The fact that America’s schoolbooks contain lies as truth. Ignorant peers? That patriotism is seen as blind faith. Religious ignorance. Or just a general stupidity? I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

No, this is not a mock-up, it is the real thing. The British newspaper The Daily Mirror has quite possibly written the greatest ever newspaper headline. And indeed it is a question that roughly 5.7 billion people would like the answer to.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Because you voted for it…

This is a message to the 59 million or so Americans who voted for George Bush:

When another American is taken hostage in Iraq and beheaded you cannot be angered or upset because YOU VOTED FOR IT.

As the death toll of American soldiers rises in Iraq you cannot feel sad or angry because YOU VOTED FOR THEIR DEATH.

When America is attacked again (probably worse than September 11) you cannot cry, feel sad or angry because YOU VOTED FOR IT.

You can not feel sorry for the thousands of Iraqi’s who have been killed or injured because YOU VOTED FOR THEIR DEATHS.

You can not feel angered or saddened by the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal because YOUR VOTE SAID IT IS ACCEPTABLE FOR AMERICANS TO TORTURE AND KILL PEOPLE.

You can not get angry when your government puts people into prison camps without any legal rights because YOUR VOTE LEGITIMISES IT.

When you lose your job and can’t afford to feed your family it will be your fault because YOU VOTED FOR IT.

When you see people around the world burning American flags you cannot react because YOU VOTED FOR IT.

When the world looks at America and sees a horrible country filled with stupid people you cannot defend yourself because YOU VOTED FOR IT.

You voted for Bush and you’re going to get a Bush country. And when you realise your country has turned to shit and the whole world hates you more than ever and you’re trying to recover from the latest attack on your soil just remember, YOU VOTED FOR IT.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Kerry's concession speech - so beautiful

I've just watched John Kerry and John Edwards concession speech and I have to say it brought a tear to my eye. One reason was because both speeches were so beautiful, and also because America made the wrong choice. This beautiful, empathic man should be President; instead a bumbling buffoon terrorist is still in the White House. America should be ashamed of itself. And the emotion that Kerry showed was so exquisite I almost can't express my joy into words. Bush could never feel that kind of emotion, real emotion, felt by real people. Such a wonderful speech by a wonderful man, John Kerry has my full respect. * Three cheers for John Kerry! *

America becomes a global outcast as war criminal Bush is re-elected

George W. Bush has been re-elected in the U.S. Presidential election. The world knows the truth about Bush, and because of America’s ignorance or stupidity (or both) it has now become a complete outcast.

The rest of the world looked on at the close presidential race and wondered, why is it so close? The majority of the world knows Bush is foolish and malicious and would never dream of voting for him. So why is it so close when the choice is easy? Why can’t the Americans see the truth? This confused many around the world and just reinforced the stereotypes of a deluded nation.

Anti-American sentiment has been rife around the world, particularly after the invasion of Iraq. I’d hear people say, “Americans are so stupid” and “I hate Americans”. But I’d always defend them, saying you should hate the government, not the people. The majority of Americans are friendly and intelligent people, and around half of America had a problem with the invasion of Iraq. But I don’t know if I can defend them anymore. I cannot defend the population that voted for Bush. In 2000 they had an excuse, they didn’t know him very well. But during the last four years Bush has shown himself to be the worst President in American history. Anyone who voted for Bush in this election can fairly be called stupid or deluded. I will not defend stupidity!

America has been isolated in the past couple of years. It is the nation that is supposedly a democracy but the leader wasn’t even elected. It is a nation that prides itself on freedom and liberty but stomps all over human rights and liberties. It is fighting a “war on terrorism” however it commits its own terrorist attacks. It goes after any country with nuclear weapons but it is developing its own nuclear weapons. It goes after countries that supposedly possess weapons of mass destruction when it has more weapons of mass destruction than any other country. Iraq had no weapons and attacked no one; America has piles of weapons and used them on a defenceless country, is there anything wrong with that picture? It says Saddam Hussein is evil because he tortured people but then America tortures people, including photos of soldiers smiling over dead bodies. Bush says he has made the world safer even though the invasion of Iraq has created the next ten years of terrorism against the USA. America says it wants peace in the Middle East but as long as it supports Israel in building its illegal fence and ignores the fact that Israel has nuclear weapons it will never happen. If Israel were an Islamic country America would be threatening it. The people in the Middle East see this. The re-election of Bush just adds to the list of outrages this country has been responsible for.

It worries me that churchgoers came out in support of Bush. What religion says it is ok to kill one hundred thousand innocent people for no reason at all? Many people look at Bush as if he is a Christ-like figure, but would Jesus murder thousands upon thousands of people? These so-called Christians are just hypocrites and bigots. Is Bush really a man of God like they say? If so he must have skipped the page where it says “Thou Shall Not Kill.” Over one thousand American soldiers have died. Young lives lost for nothing, their family and friends lives ruined, just so Bush and his cronies could make money. I’m sure Cheney doesn’t give a shit for the mothers and fathers who have lost their children, killed in a “war” to fill the coffers of Halliburton. This is who you have voted for!! Not patriots as they like to call themselves, but people that would put young Americans in danger just to make money. Is that who you want leading your country? Do you really want a terrorist leading your country?

George Bush has murdered thousands of people, including over a thousand American soldiers. Go to a lady in Iraq, distressed that her husband and children have been killed in an American bombing, and tell her you voted for the man that killed her family. Could you do that? Walk up to a young Iraqi boy who has lost both arms in an American raid and tell him you voted for the man that made him disabled. Could you do that? Go up to a grieving American mother and tell her you voted for the man that killed her son. Could you do that?

But I know there are millions in America who also know the truth, and for them I have this message: Keep strong and keep the faith. The whole world is with you! Be glad you know the truth and haven’t been brainwashed like the rest of your country. Hold on to the hope that in four years America will have a President that it truly deserves. My condolences go out to you all. Viva Freedom! Viva Liberty! Viva an America that is not run by a terrorist!

Kerry concedes defeat

Well, I’ve woken up (obviously!) but I haven’t woken up to President Kerry. Nor have I technically woken up to President Bush. While the White House is confident of victory the result is still technically up in the air.

Oh shit! Just as I am typing this it has just been announced on the BBC that John Kerry will concede defeat within the next couple of hours. Oh dear, this is very sad. I was going to say that the Democrats still believed they could win Ohio, but I guess they don’t believe that any more if this statement is correct.

It was interesting to flick between different channels today to see the various numbers each network gave the two candidates. Below is a graphic I made to show the differences between networks. I found it really interesting (as well as frustrating).

TV network election numbers

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

When I wake up...

Well, it's almost 6am here and I'm going to bed. When I wake up I hope I wake up to a world where America is run by someone the world can be proud of. I hope I wake up to a world where we can begin to respect America again. I hope I wake up to a world where intelligence and love come before greed and death. I hope I wake up to President Kerry!!

To all those in America, the world sends its support!

World trembles as Bush shapes up for four more years

This is an absolutely brilliant piece which I found on bignewsnetwork.com. I've included excerpts but you can read the whole thing here.

Taken from Big News Network.com:

"World trembles as Bush shapes up for four more years"

When Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda attacked the World Trade Center towers in New York, and the Pentagon in Washington DC, after hijacking four jetliners, it was the worst terrorist attack of all time, leaving more than 2,900 people dead. In the War on Terror during the three years following, in large part in response to the September 11 attacks, two countries have been invaded and had their governments removed from office, more than 100,000 civilians have been killed in Iraq alone according to a study released this week, and 1,270 coalition deaths as at Sunday comprising 1,129 Americans, 69 Britons, seven Bulgarians, one Dane, two Dutch, two Estonians, one Hungarian, 19 Italians, one Latvian, 13 Poles, one Salvadoran, three Slovaks, 11 Spaniards, two Thai, and nine Ukrainians have occurred. The United Nations and Red Cross headquarters in Baghdad have been bombed with numerous humanitarian aid workers killed, twenty-two in the UN truck bombing alone, including envoy Sergio Vieira de Mello. Numerous people from a variety of nations have been kidnapped, and many beheaded. Hundreds of Iraqi police and National Guards have been massacred, including 49 last weekend. Nine U.S. Marines were killed Sunday. Added to the mass killings has been the hundreds of billions of dollars of destruction of cities and villages in the quest for ‘insurgents’.

The fallout has not been limited to the war zones. The economic drain of the United States in funding hundreds of billions of dollars in reconstruction and ongoing security commitments to Iraq and its oil fields is reflected in its staggering budget deficit. There is a huge budget deficit, and a soaring trade deficit, all this at a time when interest rates have been kept artificially low for a number of years. And yet George W. Bush leads in the polls 48 hours ahead of the once-in-four-years opportunity to select a president for the following four years.

100,000 Iraqi’s “liberated”

The British medical journal, the Lancet, has said that a conservative death toll for Iraqi civilians killed in the American invasion of Iraq is around 100,000, half of whom are women and children. ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DEAD.

Remember how Bush loves to talk about the world being safer (huh!) well the report also shows that conditions in Iraq have worsened, and were better before the invasion. “The study, which was carried out in 33 randomly-chosen neighbourhoods of Iraq representative of the entire population, shows that violence is now the leading cause of death in Iraq. Before the invasion, most people died of heart attacks, stroke and chronic illness. The risk of a violent death is now 58 times higher than it was before the invasion.” Horrible, just horrible.


Why aren’t more people angry about this? Why aren’t the deaths of thousands upon thousands of innocent people for no reason making more people angry? It truly saddens me.


100,000 Iraqi civilians dead, says study

The war on Iraq has made moral cowards of us all: More than 100,000 Iraqis have died - and where is our shame and rage?

AlterNet: 100,000 Dead In Iraq

America votes today

I feel so nervous. I’m really worried. I have butterflies in my stomach; I’m breathing fasting than usual. I am so nervous.

This is it; it is either Bush or Kerry for the next four years. One man makes me feel optimistic, relaxed and proud. The other makes me angry, sadden and disillusioned with the world. The world knows who George W. Bush is. And as America votes the world is watching. The whole world is watching. Who will win? Hopefully the world.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

bin Laden video: Real or fake?

Since the latest video from Osama bin Laden was released the internet has been rife with claims the video is a fake. When I first viewed excerpts from the video I didn’t question if it was real or not, it seemed very real to me. But comparisons between the video and other bin Laden photos show differences, especially with the eyebrows and nose. But then claims were made that the video photos were squished to make them look different.

It does make sense that the Bush administration would fake this video, as the video has helped Bush. But on the other hand the video makes claims that make Bush look stupid. If this video were fakery would the Bushies include claims that make them look stupid? Perhaps, it makes it more authentic, but I don’t know, I don’t really buy that. I think the video is real.

The speech is very interesting; you can read the English translation here.