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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Over 100,000 voters registered twice in Florida

Here we go again. Yes, Florida, that name that conjures up words like hanging chads and cheating Jeb, is back in the news for, and wait for it, irregularities regarding the election. And what a huge surprise that is.

It seems as if more than 68,000 people are enrolled to vote in Florida AND in either North Carolina or Georgia, according to a US newspaper. How did they find this out? Simple, they compared voters’ rolls and surprisingly found that almost 70,000 residents of Georgia and North Carolina had the same names and date of birth as Florida residents. Yes, they are enrolled twice, which is illegal. Another newspaper discovered that almost 50,000 New Yorkers were also registered to vote in Florida.

I’m just shocked that such a thing could ever happen, and in Florida of all places. In the last election Bush “won” by 537 votes, thanks to Florida. I wonder what would happen if, oh I don’t know, just a few of those almost 120,000 voters decide to vote twice? And since there is no national register the chances of getting caught voting twice is more or less as impossible as a President almost being assassinated by a pretzel.


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