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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Fox News Hates Freedom

It has not been long since my entry "Murdoch’s War on Freedom" and now we come to today's entry. Yesterday I was watching that bastion of fair and balanced journalism, Fox News Channel, and it seems as if Fox is all hot under the collar. And what has caused this you ask? Well, simply, they are angry that people living in a democracy would dare use their freedom to hold an opinion. Yikes! How depraved can some people get?

The English newspaper, The Guardian, wants readers to send letters to residents of Ohio, asking them to consider voting for John Kerry. And Fox News is angry because, um… well… um, because, well you know, because Fox News is an extension of the Republican party and any ill press against the beloved George Dubya Bush is just not on. Oh, and yeah how dare any non-Americans have an opinion on the American election! No, cause it’s not like American policies affect the rest of the world.

Apparently many Americans are outraged that foreigners dare have an opinion of their gracious leader and have angrily retorted. Though, these angry retorts sadly reflect a low intellect of the letter writers as they are filled with ridiculously outdated stereotypes and are ignorant and arrogant beyond belief. But who is actually writing these letters? Fox News, in all their journalistic integrity, forgot to actually attribute each letter with a name, or even where these letters came from (were they printed in newspapers, published on the net, etc). Or did, I don’t know, Fox make them up? Surely Fox News Channel would never, ever, go so low. Surely. (I should also point out that the letters were read out with outrageously strong accents). (Edit: After some surfing I found the letters published on The Guardian’s website. It would have been nice if Fox pointed that out).

But before you get too angry, soothed the reporter, you must keep in mind that The Guardian only attracts people who miss the Soviet Union, and that the newspaper is an outcast in Britain who is read by practically no one. He then went on to call The Guardian “kooky and bizarre”. Since when has journalist integrity become kooky and bizarre? Well, I guess if you work for Fox…

Then they took swipes at the BBC, saying they just spout anti-Bush propaganda. Yeah, Fox lecturing another media organisation over broadcasting propaganda? Damn that’s vigorous irony! Oh, and the BBC don’t broadcast propaganda, they only tell the truth (that’s like holy water to Fox). The host said he was in London for a month and said the media were so anti-Bush that it was shocking. Well, I guess it must have been odd to be in a country where its media actually tells the truth.

They jokingly suggested that the fall of the British Empire was to blame for the campaign against Bush. Um, like, do they actually realise that the rest of the world really, really hate Bush?

Finally they said not to take the story too seriously, but if it’s such a non-issue why show it at least three times in as many hours, not to mention at least twice several days ago. That’s a lot of reporting for a nothing story.

And anyway, what’s so wrong with foreigners wanting government change in another country? I seem to remember the American Government really wanted it in Iraq. It's not like the letter writers are actually forcing the citizens of Ohio to vote for Kerry.

Which leaves me with one final question, if The Guardian were anti-Kerry would Fox have such a big problem with that? It’s highly unlikely. My advice to Fox News, just keep deluding yourselves that Dubya is the reincarnation of Christ while the whole world looks on knowing the truth.


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