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Friday, October 29, 2004

Faux News hypocrisy… again

Fox News Channel has lately been attacking celebrities that dare have a political opinion, oh sorry, I mean democratic political opinion. Yes, if you are a celebrity who supports John Kerry that means you are “stupid” and “living in a bubble”. But not all celebrities! Fox has interviewed actor Ron Silver (who is that?) twice, a singer and Stephen Baldwin. So if you are a celebrity who supports Bush then somehow you are not stupid and live in reality. See, Fox News isn’t biased!

The Baldwin interview was interesting, especially when Baldwin asked what society is coming to when children play video games like Grand Theft Auto, where, he pointed out, that you can have sex with a prostitute then beat her to death with a baseball bat. The host and audience looked shocked. Oh yeah, it’s so terrible. You have to be careful of those gangs of seven-year-olds who have sex with prostitutes and then kill them. Lock your doors people! Then Baldwin talked about hosting a TV show called Scare Tactics (I thought he was going to talk about the way Bush campaigns). According to him the show is “good, clean fun”. Oh really? So in the first series when these men were made to believe a prostitute had been killed (with lashings of fake blood in the shower) that is meant to be “good, clean fun” and GTA is somehow abhorrent. Yes, f**k you Stephen Baldwin, you’re the one living in the bubble.


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