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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Election 2004: Howard wins fourth term

Three more years. Three more f--king years.

I don’t know what to say. I feel kind of sick. I’m pissed because the lying rodent didn’t get kicked out like he oh so deserved to, but I’m also feeling sick because I feel disappointed with the Australians who voted for him. Why would they do such a thing? Are they intent on the destruction of Australia? The Liberals scare campaign over interest rates had better not be responsible for this. Howard and his cronies went on and on if Labour were elected interest rates would go up, even though the freaking government does not control interest rates and the majority of economists said interest rates would not be affected by who was in power. But it seems as if the terror campaign worked, which is so f--ked up. Winning an election by lying to your people, that’s just great.

The Liberals have 76 seats, Labour 47, and the independents have 3. It also seems likely that the Liberals will have a stronger force in the Senate, which means it will be easier for them to do all the insane stuff they have wanted to do but which was been previously blocked. You can bet we will see the sale of Telstra, among other travesties.

Predictably George W. Bush was pleased that his deputy sheriff got re-elected, calling Howard from Air Force One to congratulate his “great victory.”

But, there was some good news to come out of the election. The Greens have had their best election ever, with close to one million votes Australia wide. It is expected that the Greens vote will be around 10% nationally. Last night Greens leader, Bob Brown, predicted Christine Milne would win a Senate seat. This now makes the Greens the third strongest political party in Australia. On the other hand, the Democrats have had a disastrous election, getting just 1.1% nationwide.

In our electorate it seemed that the Liberals were going to win, but Labour came back and late last night seemed to have won.

Just as the sun is rising over the dawn of another three years of Liberal rule I have the feeling things are not going to get better. And I suspect the children waking up this morning in detention centres around the country would be feeling the same way.